I recently listened to a podcast about a man who took on a 30 day challenge every month. He learnt how to play the guitar, learnt to speak a new language, his challenge of running every day turned into him completing a triathlon. This spoke to me. Do I want inspiration? Check. Do I want a new routine? Check. Do I want something to focus on? Check. Do I want to better myself? Check. Do I want change? Check. Clearly, I’m game.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of why I’m committing to 30 day challenges:

  • I want to try…

I recently had my heart broken. There’s plenty of articles on Medium addressing that — this is not one of them. What I couldn’t find were personal articles about heartbreak and carrying on with day to day tasks, work being one of them.

Let’s get down to the facts — heartbreak sucks. Really really sucks. It depletes you emotionally which then takes a toll on you physically as well. I stopped looking after myself like going to the gym and eating properly, I was doing destructive things to my body to feel something that wasn’t the pain I felt in…

First impressions…

I’ve never been good with website design. I’m a perfectionist and I can never be “done” with a website — I’ll notice a misalignment in the table, find the border colour odd and then scrap the whole colour scheme, spot that the sizing of the images aren’t the same...then I’ll tear my hair out in fury, throw my laptop to the ground and say I’ll never touch design again.

Kudos to all designers out there - patience you must have (with website design), young pa(w)dawan.

But I’d love to be able to build an entire website end to end. From…

I think this is a great article: It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Really put into perspective inheriting a project and working on other people’s codebase. I’m certainly guilty of feeling frustrated from looking at “legacy” code and getting annoyed that it’s gonna take time and lots of effort to craft it into a level that I would be happy with.

This article was a very humble reminder that it’s all about mindset. Have a read.


  • Respect
  • Listen to legacy code and learn from it
  • Acceptance; nothing is perfect
  • Opportunity to refactor and improve your own skills

Electronic wallets (e-wallets) are a relatively new concept in Malaysia but in an increasingly digital society, its daily prevalence is inevitable.

As the popularity of e-wallets rises, so do the concerns & skepticism around it.

With mass data breach looms in our recent history; privacy & security concerns of an entirely digital wallet can make us hesitant to trust and adopt this new technology.


Typically, an e-wallet is an online account where you can store money and use it for a variety of purposes.

It is not only to make online purchases. Most e-wallets (like vcash) allow transferring funds to…

Today was officially Day 7 as a junior developer. There was this saying at bootcamp that as junior devs we wouldn’t be writing any meaningful code for the first month at the company — so I honestly had the mindset going in that there would be a lot of hand-holding and peer-programming for the first couple of weeks. But from Day 1, I was thrown head first into the deep end. My first project was an internal calculator system for a bank…whattttt? Writing in TypeScript….whattttt? …

I’ve been putting off starting a blog for some time — with job searching and learning all the tools, frameworks, algorithms and interview skills required to get said job, it’s easy to put content writing aside.

That said, the first step is the hardest and I plan to fill this blog with interest pieces, projects I’m working on, challenges I come across, and explanations of concepts or tools that I myself found difficult to process — all with the aim of a) digging deeper, b) doing a better job explaining and talking about programming, and c) learning from teaching someone…

Sabrina Tee

engineer and product owner at @digitelco’s Digi-X, thin mint addict, nap enthusiast, and that creepy person that smiles at your dog.

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